Saturday, February 22, 2014

How to spend human life.

Do you agree the philosophy of an ideal human life presented below?

Before 25:

  • Build up your knowledge with study.
  • Build up your health with play and exercise.
  • Develop your skills on language, speech, communication, computer technology, music and sports.

Between 25 to 45:

  • Make money and increase your assets using your knowledge and skills.
  • Get married to enjoy conjugal life.
  • Visit the world to increase passion for it and its creatures.

Between 45 to 65:

  • This is the period in your life to satisfy your dreams.
  • Now you can take any initiative to remove poverty, protect human right, establish peace and justice, prevent global warming, overcome biological barriers and explore the universe.

After 65:

  • Ask yourself “Am I satisfied in life?”

If the answer is No

Have you any better suggestion?