Saturday, February 22, 2014

How to spend human life.

Do you agree the philosophy of an ideal human life presented below?

Before 25:

  • Build up your knowledge with study.
  • Build up your health with play and exercise.
  • Develop your skills on language, speech, communication, computer technology, music and sports.

Between 25 to 45:

  • Make money and increase your assets using your knowledge and skills.
  • Get married to enjoy conjugal life.
  • Visit the world to increase passion for it and its creatures.

Between 45 to 65:

  • This is the period in your life to satisfy your dreams.
  • Now you can take any initiative to remove poverty, protect human right, establish peace and justice, prevent global warming, overcome biological barriers and explore the universe.

After 65:

  • Ask yourself “Am I satisfied in life?”

If the answer is No

Have you any better suggestion? 

Saturday, November 9, 2013

What will make you satisfied?

I’ll be satisfied in my life when I see-

1. There is no hunger and poverty in the world.
2. There is no war and violence in the world.
3. There are no disease/disabilities in the world.
4. When we will be able to overcome our biological barriers.
5. When we will occupy all of the Planets in the universe and find     no other creature more intelligent than human being. 
6. When we achieve immortality with eternal peace.